AMY CLOVER ~ fitness personality, motivational speaker, business owner, teacher

San Diego, CA

Amy Clover is a fitness personality, motivational speaker and the force behind Strong Inside Out, a site that helps people “become stronger than their struggle” through mindfulness, movement and positive action. After struggling most of her life with clinical depression, anxiety disorders and suicide, Amy turned her life around with the help of mindset reframing and fitness. She now helps people with depression, anxiety and eating disorders create mindful action plans to support their recovery.

What makes you sweat?

Teaching my mantra-based bootcamps, taekwondo, yoga and running.

What drives you to live a clean, healthy lifestyle?

Balance drives me. After living so much of my life as an extremist, moderation is now a way of life for me. There’s room for everything as long as it’s the loving thing to do for my body, brain and heart in the moment. Sometimes that means ice cream. 😉

Your best motivational advice?

Revel in your imperfection; treasure failure. Never take yourself too seriously.

Who/what is your spirit animal?

Tank Girl!

Who inspires you most?

Danielle LaPorte

Favorite workout song/artist?

My jams to work out to are usually EDM and change all the time.

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