1051 and GOODONYA founder Kris Buchanan (right) with wife and GOODONYA co-founder Bren

Founded by Olympian and certified holistic nutritionist, Kris Buchanan, 1051 was created in the GOODONYA® cafe, our all-organic cafe sitting on Highway 101 in Encinitas, CA. Open since 2001, GOODONYA® was one of the first 100% Non-GMO restaurants in the US and we have always had a deep commitment to working with and supporting as many local suppliers as possible. We named our drink after the address of our café because the passion we bring to the ingredients, the food, and the community is the heart and soul of our brand.

Why should you drink 1051?

1051 is a daily mineral beverage designed to keep you nourished and hydrated and to provide you with the minerals your body needs in balanced, trace amounts. Every day, your body relies on these minerals to perform millions of functions from helping you absorb nutrients to overall gut health to maintaining strong hair and bones. Each bottle of 1051 contains:

  • Organic Fruit for Flavor
  • Over 70 minerals
  • Essential Electrolytes
  • No added sugar

1051 is certified organic, verified non-GMO, and kosher. We are also proud to be a B Corporation.

What is a B Corporation?

In a nutshell, being a B Corporation (or Benefit Corporation) means we consider more than just profit, but the planet and the people in all the decisions we make. From outfitting our office with energy efficient solutions to recycling programs, to partnering with local, family-owned businesses, we take pride in our community and our place in it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking care to make a profit. In fact, it’s a key component to being a B Corp. Staying in business allows us to continue to pay our workers well and make healthy products.

Where you choose to spend your money as a consumer is a powerful choice, and helps shape the world in which we live. When you support companies that are Certified B Corps, you are helping to change the world.

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