Samantha Hunter ~ fitness expert, runner, motivator, lifestyle blogger, business professional

Location: Sunny San Diego, CA

Fitness enthusiast and adventurer loves trying out new things, staying healthy and living active. Loves chocolate but understands the importance of a balanced lifestyle.

What makes you sweat?

HIIT, the Stairmaster, TXR

What drives you to live a clean, healthy lifestyle?

I do have a sweet tooth and sometimes over indulge. Therefore it is important to find balance and eat healthy. I find most processed foods taste too salty or artificial and prefer to cook myself.

Your best motivational advice?

Find out what holds you back from achieving your dreams and why, then overcome it. It will make you feel so much stronger and fully in control of your life.

Who/what is your spirit animal?

The Owl

Who inspires you most?

My mother. She raised my sister and myself to be independent, strong women who know the importance of a balanced lifestyle.

Favorite workout song/artist?

It changes all the time, but right now probably still The Weekend Starboy

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